May 24, 2024  
2023 - 2024 Adler Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Adler Catalog

Dual Degree Policy

Adler University has developed a dual-degree policy enabling students to pursue graduate work in two fields and fulfill the requirements of two degrees simultaneously, typically over a period of time shorter than would otherwise be required to complete both programs sequentially. Dual degrees provide students the opportunity to combine two skillsets and increase networks and career opportunities.

  • Dual degree programs at the master’s level may consist of two degree programs where no more than 50% of the curriculum may be considered “overlap” courses and no more than 25% of the total credits for dual degree may be considered “overlap” courses.
  • Dual degree programs at the master or doctoral level may be determined by program faculty based on curriculum, licensure, certification, and course content relative to fulfilling the requirements of both degrees.
  • To enter a dual degree program, the student must first be accepted by both of the individual programs before admission can be granted to the dual degree program.
  • Students already admitted to a graduate program at Adler University must apply and be accepted to an additional degree program. Program directors and/or advisors may determine curriculum and plan of study with regards to overlapping courses as long as a minimum of 50% of the courses in the additional degree do not overlap with the existing program.
  • Students are encouraged to declare their intention and apply to be in a dual degree program as early as possible (preferably at admission or within the first term) in order to receive the maximum benefits. Students will not be permitted to enter a dual degree program after they have successfully completed 80% of their respective plan of study.

All dual degree programs at Adler University will observe the following procedural requirements:

  • A dual degree program will go through an approval process similar to new programs. Once the dual degree program is approved, the faculty will work with various departments to provide necessary documents and information for marketing and admissions purposes. 
  • Adler University faculty will collaborate to create and implement the dual degree option. These programs can be within the same department, between two departments on the same campus or between the Online Campus and either Chicago or Vancouver campuses.
  • Integrity and Efficiency:
  • Dual degree programs will be designed to be efficient and coordinated for the student.
  • The two degrees will be earned in ways that preserve the core requirements, program learning outcomes, and integrity of each degree program. Credits to be used for both degrees will be clearly established by the programs/departments offering the degree programs.
  • Admission:
  • Students must meet the admission requirements of both degree programs. Applicable admission processes, requirements, and time frame for each dual degree program are to be outlined.
  • For graduate-level dual degree programs, the student would ideally apply to both programs at the same time, but this is not required.
  • Advising and support systems responsibilities for the student across both programs will be coordinated.
  • A plan of study will be created that should include courses that will be used for both degrees.
  • An assessment plan will be developed for evaluation of student learning.
  • All applicable degree requirements, based on the levels of the degrees, apply.
  • Students must fulfill the minimum residence requirements for each program.
  • Any policies regarding time-to-completion must be adhered to.

Degree conferral and diploma: Because there are two degrees being conferred, two diplomas will be issued, each with the appropriate degree and program name. Dual degree programs are primarily designed for the degrees to be earned concurrently, however may be earned consecutively.