May 24, 2024  
2023 - 2024 Adler Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Adler Catalog

Active Duty Military

Adler University will promptly readmit a service member returning from active duty with the same academic status and enrollment status to the same program to which the student was last admitted. If that exact program is no longer offered, the student will be admitted to the program that is most similar to the former program unless the student requests or agrees to admission to a different program.

The student will be readmitted with the same number of credit hours completed previously - unless the student is readmitted to a different program to which the completed credit hours or clock hours are not transferable.

A student going on a military leave must give advance electronic or written notice of service to the University, and to be readmitted, a student must provide proper documentation as listed in 34 CFR 668.18 (g). For the Active Duty Military Readmission policy to apply, the cumulative length of the absence, and of all previous absences from Adler University by reason of service, cannot exceed five years. A student must apply for readmission no later than three years after the completion of the period of service (unless a student is hospitalized and recovering from injuries suffered during service). Adler is not required to readmit a student, after undertaking reasonable efforts, if it determines that the student is not prepared to resume the program at the point where the student left off.

When a student is readmitted to the same program, for the first academic year in which they return, the student is eligible to be charged the tuition and fee rates that the student was or would have been assessed for the academic year during which they left the University.