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2021 - 2022 Adler Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Adler Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees Schedule

Admission Fees and Deposits (in Canadian Dollars)

  Admissions Application Fee (nonrefundable) $ 30
  Deposit (nonrefundable) - Master’s programs $ 200
    (will be applied to first semester’s tuition)  
  Deposit (nonrefundable) - Psy.D. program $ 300
    (will be applied to first semester’s tuition)  
  Deposit (nonrefundable) - International Students $ 5000
  Start Date Deferral Fee (nonrefundable) $ 500


  Tuition - Standard Master’s (per Credit Hour) $ 1018
  Tuition - Standard Psy.D. (per Credit Hour) $ 1132
  Tuition - Audit Master’s (per Credit Hour) $ 508


  MACP 529 - M.A. Thesis Continuation   $ 1018
  MAIOP 554 - MAIOP Thesis Continuation   $ 1018

MIOP 554 - MIOP Project Continuation  

MPPA - Capstone Continued

$ 1018

$ 1018

  PCO 610 - Practicum Continuation   $ 100
  MPPA 651 - Social Justice Practicum Continued   $ 100
  MACP 995 - Masters Clinical Qualifying Exam /MART 995 - Master’s Clinical Art Qualifying Examination   $ 1018
  MART 204 - Social Justice Practicum Continuation /SJP 204 - Social Justice Practicum Continuation   $ 100
  MPPA 651 - Social Justice Practicum Continued   $ 100

PSYD-603 - Social Justice Continued

MAIOP 226 - Social Justice Practicum Continued  

$ 100

$ 100

  MART 205 - Professional Development Seminar Continued   $ 1018

MART-669 - Clinical Seminar Continued

MART-679 - Clinical Practicum Continued

MPPA-656/MPPA-661 - Policy Internship Continued

$ 1018

$ 100

$ 100

  MACP-473/MART-573 - Pre-Practicum Skills Lab $ 676
  MACP-473-SYC Pre Practicum Counseling Skills Clinc $ 1538
  MACP/MAIOP - Research Fee  $ 748
  MART - Art Supply Fee $ 128
  Practicum Insurance Fee $ 100
  Time to Track Fee $ 40
  PSYD-709 - Supplemental Practicum Continued $ 1132
  PSYD-906 - Dissertation Continued $ 1132
  PSYD-691 - Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam - Intervention $ 1132
  PSYD-990 - Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam - Assessment $ 1132
  PSYD - Testing  $ 156
  PSYD - Practicum Insurance Fee $ 100
  PSYD - Internship Insurance Fee $ 100
  PSYD - Time to Track Fee $ 40
  Student Activity Fee (Per Term) $ 286
  International Student Services Fee* (Per Term) $ 509
  GPP Program Fee $ 4000
  Add/Drop Fee (applied after registration period) $ 70
  Late Registration Fee $ 150
  Late Payment Fee (% of past due balance) 2%

*applicable to all international students

Payment Information - Vancouver Campus

Methods of Payment

Online: Register your payment on

Choose wire transfer or credit card

In Person: Payment may be remitted in person on campus through the Student Accounts Office. Payment can be made through Interac, cheque, or money order. Cheques are to be made payable to Adler University. Unless otherwise indicated, tuition and fees are listed in Canadian dollars, and remittance must be made in Canadian dollars.

By Mail: Cheques are to be made payable to Adler University. Unless otherwise indicated, tuition and fees are listed in Canadian dollars, and remittance must be made in Canadian dollars.

Mailed payments must be received by the Student Accounts Office by the scheduled due date, which is listed on the tuition payment form.

Please allow adequate time for mailing. Payments postmarked on or before the due date will have any and all late payment fees waived, if applicable.

Payments made by cheque or money order should be mailed to:

Adler University

ATTN: Office of the Registrar 520 Seymour Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3J5

Tuition and fees are due and payable one month after the registration period ends. Payments made to the University are first applied against any previously existing balance, then to current charges.

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees at the time due regardless of pending employer or third-party reimbursement unless other financial arrangements have been made. Students receiving financial aid funds are responsible for submitting payment for all tuition and fees that will not be covered by the amount of aid anticipated.

Payment plans (deferred monthly installments) are available. Interested students can contact the Student Accounts Office for more information. Inquiries should be initiated prior to the published tuition due date.

Late Payment Charge: Students understand and agree that if they fail to pay their student account bill, or any monies due and owing Adler University by the scheduled due date, Adler University will assess late payment and/or finance charges at the rate of two percent (2%) per month on the past due portion of their student account until their past due account is paid in full.

Students whose financial accounts are delinquent are not eligible to register for subsequent terms, begin a practicum or internship, obtain transcripts, or graduate until all outstanding balances are paid in full. The University retains the right to administratively withdraw students whose accounts are past due and to charge all associated fees. It is the policy of Adler University to submit delinquent accounts to external collection agencies.

Tuition Refund Policy - Vancouver Campus

Students who have officially withdrawn from the University or specific courses, may be entitled   to a tuition refund to be paid within 14 business days of receipt of the official withdrawal or drop request.  Refunds will be based upon the total charge incurred rather than the amount paid by the student. The percentage of tuition refunded excludes the non-refundable tuition deposit, international student deposit*, and all other fees, and is determined in accordance with the following schedule:

  • End of 10th calendar day of the course period 100%
  • 11th calendar day of the course period through the end of the term 0%
  • To initiate a refund written notice must be provided:

a. By a student to the institution when the student withdraws; or

b. By the institution to the student where the institution dismisses a student.

Refund entitlement is calculated on the total fees due under the contract, less the applicable non-refundable application, deposit, or registration fees.  Where total fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date and a student may be required to make up monies due under the contract.

*International student deposits will be refunded in full less the admissions processing fee of $200 should the student not be able to obtain a Visa prior to the start of the program. 

International student deposits made once a student has started a program will be used as credit for future registration in courses and cannot be refunded should the student choose to withdraw from the program or University.

Adding / Dropping Courses

To add or drop a course, students must submit their request via email to the Registrar and pay the required fee. Students are permitted to add a course prior to the first class session; enrollment is not permitted once a course begins. Students who wish to drop a practicum or internship course must have prior approval from the Manager, Community Action & Engagement or Director of Training. There is a fee of $70 for adding/dropping a course(s) after the registration period.