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2021 - 2022 Adler Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Adler Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policy on Teach-Out and Transfer for Students from Closed or Closing Institutions


Adler University holds at the core of its educational mission and values the Adlerian construct of social interest, the connection between individual and community well-being.  The University endeavors to create socially responsible practitioners, strengthen communities, and create a more just society.  As such, in situations where an institution of higher education is closing or under imminent threat of closing or suspending operations, or negatively affected by a change in regional accrediting status, Adler University may develop and enter into teach-out or transfer agreements in order to receive the closing institution’s students and provide them with a path to degree completion. 

Adler may develop and offer teach-out and/or transfer agreements or articulation with institutions for degree and academic programs for which Adler:

  • holds appropriate state higher education and accreditation approvals;
  • has the necessary experience, resources, and support services to provide an educational program that is of acceptable quality and reasonably similar in content, structure and scheduling to that provided by the institution closing or ceasing operations;
  • is able to provide the receiving students with access to Adler programs and services while remaining capable of meeting all obligations to existing Adler students;


In such scenarios, Adler aims to provide teach-out or transfer agreements that are fair and equitable to students and to provide students with reasonable opportunities to complete their education. Adler will provide programmatic transfer assessments to Adler University degrees with the goal of minimizing completion time. Credits earned at the Closing Institution may transfer to comparable courses at Adler University after evaluation.

A Closing Institution is one recognized as a “Closed School” or determined to be in imminent threat of closing or ceasing operation by the United States Department of Education, a regional accrediting body, or a state board of education such as the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Transferring from a Closing Institution

In order to support students transferring to Adler from Closing Institutions, Adler will create teach-out and/or transfer agreements that are designed to be fair and equitable and that provide students with reasonable opportunities to complete their education without additional cost and without unreasonable additions to programmatic time to completion.

Transfer Credits

Teach-out and/or transfer agreements established under this policy, would establish a transfer pathway for students to be admitted to Adler from the Closing Institution.  The established transfer pathway may allow entering students to transfer a greater number of successfully completed credits than typically allowed under Adler’s transfer policies. Transfer credit from Closing Institutions is considered on an individual basis. Transfer credits are subject to a course-by-course review process by the department chair or designee and eligibility requirements may apply.

Applicants seeking to transfer from a Closing Institution must:

1. Request a formal credit evaluation prior to beginning the first class at Adler University; and

2. Provide to Adler an official transcript from the institution where the credit was earned; and

3. When possible, provide syllabi from classes the student wishes to transfer.

Adler University will ensure students wishing to transfer acknowledge the U.S. Department of Education’s closed school policies, which include information on federal loan discharge after attending a closed school.

Residency Requirements

For degree programs that typically entail residency requirements, the established transfer agreement may allow transferring students an abbreviated residency requirement for degree completion. 

Admission Standards

Admission requirements that are consistent with and appropriate to the transfer pathway specified within the teach-out or transfer agreement will be included in the agreement.  These requirements may differ from Adler University’s standard admissions requirements.

Course Waivers (All Programs)

In order to create teach-out and/or articulation agreements that are designed to be fair and equitable and that provide students with reasonable opportunities to complete their education without additional cost and without unreasonable additions to programmatic time to completion, Adler may provide course waivers to transferring students under the agreement.

Based on prior academic experience (including, but not limited to recognition of knowledge/skill acquired in previously completed courses which may not be eligible for transfer credit), Adler may waive one or more required courses, and may then designate suitable curriculum replacements. These waivers may constitute a reduction in the total number of overall credits required for degree completion. The decision to grant waivers and apply substitute course credits is a matter for Adler administration and the specific program and is not subject to appeal.


Adler University will notify and seek relevant approvals for all teach-out and/or Articulation Agreements with the appropriate authorization entities including regional and programmatic accreditors, and provincial, state, and federal authorizing entities such as the Illinois Board of Higher Education, British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, and the US Department of Education, or others.